Cobra Toys Mini RC Helicopter 3.5 Channel - Army Rescue with Gyro

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Quick Overview

Mini 3.5 Channel Cobra RC Helicopter with Gyroscopic Stabilization (Gyro) and high precision remote control. This heli is easy to fly and has real helicopter performance.

Mini Cobra RC Helicopter 3.5 Channel Remote Controlled Army Rescue Chopper with Gyro

  • Enhanced IR Control
  • High quality Flexible Plastic body withstands crashes
  • Amazing colorful Lights
  • Full 3D Flight and real helicopter performance
  • Perfect stability and precision speed
  • High Quality Lithium Battery for longer Flight time

With Our Cobra Toys Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters you can benefit from greater aerobatic capabilities and longer flying time. Carefully developed and tested, Cobra Toys use better batteries - often Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer) for quicker charge time and longer play time, better components and superior construction. The result is a premium quality designed and built product.

All Cobra Toys Helicopters include a special flag sticker page allowing you to decorate your helicopter with your countries flags. Use the flags to decorate your helicopters for different countries to simulate combats.
Our Helicopters also includes a landing pad with flight instructions on the back because we want you to be a professional pilot.

This Mini Helicopter Cobra Package Includes:
  • 1 x RC Helicopter
  • 1 x IR Remote Control
  • 2 x Spare propeller blades
  • 1 x Cobra Toys Flag Sticker Page
  • 1 x Cobra Toys Helicopter Landing Pad
  • 1 x Instructions Manual
  • 1 x Internal Lithium battery
  • 1 x Electric Charger

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